Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pearl Verses The World by Sally Murphy

This is all about the beautiful book for children that I got from the Library to read to my girl. Yes, I still read to her although she is a pretty good reader because, well ... because we love it. It is our cuddle time.

Then why do I show all these books in the picture here? It is a sad story. I had all these fun books from the Library in high hopes of finishing them fast. I always get tempted and get more books each time I take my kids when I still haven't finished the first set! Usually I get to them fairly soon but this time it was just too much rock for this poor dragon fly:-) Yes, I like dragon flies! It is a childhood thing. I'll finish the 2 books on top before the due date. I hope.

Our book  today is a beautiful narration in poetry written by Australian Sally Murphy. It is really an everybody's kind of book. Pearl worries about writing the rhyming poem requested by her teacher since her poems never seem to rhyme naturally. She is also suffering the slow loss of her Grandmother. Beautiful, beautiful book It has a single theme written not in rhyming verses but to rhyme with your heart. (Pearl Verses the World. Get it? Verses.) Murphy seems to have gotten the gist of the matter out very well  in her simple yet endearing verse novel. Do read it with your kids and if they don't want to, then read it for yourself. It is a treat.