Monday, August 27, 2012

A Three Dog Life : A Memoir by Abigail Thomas

So I was getting the Nora Ephron book from the non-fiction section when this book showed up right next to it. It is easy to assume that it is a generic dog book based on the front cover and the title but it is one of the most heartfelt memoirs I have read in recent times.The prose is honest, simple and down to earth and rather elegant.

"Australian Aborigines slept with their dogs on cold nights, the coldest being a three dog night". These lines in the preface made me curious to know more. A most beautiful memoir. I couldn't put it down even among the chaos of our kitchen remodeling! Interestingly enough a certain warm cozy feeling lingered with me even after I had finished. The author claims she dropped out of the first year of college and never thought she could read a book much less write one! She started writing seriously only after her husband got into an accident. The book is about all that happened in their lives afterwards. A superb and well grounded book rooted very much in the realities of everyday life. Yes, it is all sort of tragic but you will find the underlying warmth of this excellently written book quite inviting. Because it resonates so strongly with our thoughts I bet this book will continue to haul in readers for a long time to come.