Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Aviator's Wife By Melanie Benjamin

Almost all of us have heard of Charles Lindbergh, the fearless American pilot who crossed the Atlantic without the aide of much of the technology available for such feats today. No wonder even Neil Armstrong felt compelled to say to him when they met : "Sir we are only following in your footsteps". Well, just look at me going on about him when the whole purpose of this book was to show off the woman who was on his side through it all!

 Anne Morrow Lindbergh was the author of the best selling book 'Gift From The Sea' which is still widely popular. How many of you knew she was the first woman to earn a glider pilot license and that she partnered fully with Charles Lindbergh in his many famed explorations in the air? I hadn't even give this woman a second thought despite CL's family being in the limelight when his baby was kidnapped. Turns out she was the recipient of two top literary prizes of her graduating class from Smith College. While it is difficult to ignore the larger than life presence of the Aviator, the book has done justice to Mrs. Lindbergh. Melanie Benjamin has achieved what she has set out to do. It holds your interest despite the characters and their lives being public knowledge. Good book to turn to whenever you need a read fix. Satisfying on many levels.

Side Note:
Zeus is truly the 5th member of our family. It is a pleasure to know that he waits for us when we come home in the evenings. The kids fight amongst themselves as to who will get to hold him first. 'Chooba' (my nick name for him) enjoys being adored and gives a contented swish of his tail and perk up his little ears to show his pleasure:-) We give him a bath every week which he seems to be tolerating so far. Apparently Maine Coons are like the dog of the cat family! He seems intelligent. We have purchased a harness and leash for him and put him on it when we all sit on the patio. He loves being outside and is at the door in a minute if anyone so much as slide the patio door a little. He is learning to show what he needs through actions which are truly fun to watch! He will be 6 months at the end of this month.