Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two Books

The Devotion Of Suspect X By Keigo Higashino

If it wasn't for the Malayalam Movie Drishyam  I never would have heard of Keigo Higashino or his much acclaimed mystery novel 'The Devotion Of Suspect X'. I wanted to read the book because it piqued my curiosity. There doesn't seem to be a lot of similarities and it was good to read a new book. It is an interesting book where the perpetrator is altruistic in his intentions and is portrayed in a very Holmesy fashion. He is a genius of a mathematician who fell in love with a woman and her child next door which opens the door for the rest of the story. Of course it is a murder mystery and if I divulge any more you will get mad at me for spoiling it. A fun read that you will not put down till it is over.

The Road By Cormac McCarthy
I have to thank Jay for leading me to this book. It was great to find it in the library. It started out reminiscent of The Tortilla Curtain, then rolled into The Old Man And The Sea and eventually into a full blown experience on its own. I kept superimposing the scenes with that of a movie I had seen called I Am Legend. I was completely bowled over by the father's utterly selfless love for his young son. Apparently, McCarthy hatched the idea of the book while on a trip to Texas with his son and the book is dedicated to his boy. I wanted to be there to protect the child, enfold him in my arms and make sure that nothing hurt him. Guess this makes McCarthy a writer of some caliber. Being able to brightly shine the light of such gripping love among total destruction and loneliness! Loved the book.


On other news, the four of us watched The Book Thief during the holidays while it was still running in theaters. Awesome movie with an awesome cast! The girl who played Liesel Meminger captivated our hearts. My son and I had read the book some time back. Some of the details of the book had begun to fade from memory and so I enjoyed the movie really well without having to stop and compare notes with the book as I am bound to do sometimes:-)