Friday, July 4, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge

The picture says it all! If you expected a treatise on GGB I am sorry. I just wanted to post a picture of the California landmarks project that my girl did for her final 4th grade project before it starts to gather dust in the garage:-) The important thing was we had lots of fun doing this particular project. H and I had walked the entire bridge both ways when the kids had gone to Colorado with relatives. It was just beautiful! The orange color is actually International Orange and was chosen so it is easier to be seen by ships in the fog. We got it when we mixed copper with yellow I think. Molu and I had fun with all the facts she collected as we had all gone there just last year again when some family friends visited. The memory was still fresh for her and so her report was very detailed. I love San Francisco where GGB is and consider ourselves lucky that we live at a drivable distance. My lettuce and celery are graciously providing a backdrop for the tiny bridge.

Summer is here and backyard is inviting. The pond which had muddied from grass clippings when the gardeners came has cleared after H filtered it through UV light. 4 out of 6 fish we had in there survived the winter and the new environment.