Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye, Bye 2013. Hello 2014!

This year went by rather quick. My 8th grader is busy preparing for high school and my 4th grader is busy with her newly acquired rainbow loom. The loom's kept her away from TV, tablets and all sorts of screen time and I am gladly surprised at how much time she spends with it. Here is a little wristlet she made the other day.

I guess work is busy is a constant 'mantra' with me these days. I feel like I went through all the motions of this Christmas season rather than fully feeling it. Work just looms so large that it is difficult to ignore. So I am extra glad for the short joyous moments.  My son used his savings to get me this pulitzer prize winning book for Christmas. I can't wait to finish it. My girl got me the pretty necklace you see there from the 'santa workshop' at school. I am planning to wear it soon.

It is a nice feeling to be at the receiving end of a gift from kids:-) I have saved all the little knickknacks they've been giving me over the years. I am leaving a picture of our backyard here for Nancy.

It is still unfinished since planting season is not here yet but now we find ourselves spending a lot of time outside even in the midst of winter. The two fish we had added to the pond disappeared and we thought they were dead for a while there. Then H discovered that the poor things have taken shelter under a rock all the way at the bottom. The water is extremely cold now and I can't blame them. This is a little house to keep our pond filter that H modeled and built based on a picture we found online and my girl helped decorate.

Here is wishing 2014 is filled with happiness and prosperity for all.