Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Two Books

Remember the two books on the top of the pile from my previous post? I managed to finish them both though I had to let go of the others. I do have another stash piling up which is hopeful or hopeless as the case maybe. We had lots of visitors last weekend for my girl's First Communion which went well and it was great to have my brother, his wife, HAunt, HUncle and Hcousins all together. Lots of cooking went on and hopefully filled at least some tummies. Kids are ecstatic when people mill about the house. It is a fun feeling especially when in short supply.  Having work stress abated momentarily helped a lot too.

Chronicles In Stone By Ismail Kadare
If you have lived in the green state of Kerala during the monsoons over many years the first chapter of Ismail Kadare's much revised book will seep into you like rainwater and cool you down. Such beautiful and native is his description of the rain that the first chapter alone is enough to read if you don't have time to read the rest of it. I am serious. It is a total experience just on that first chapter. Given that he did many revisions to the book, added chapters, changed stuff etc, after it was published this is not surprising. It gives us a glimpse into a small little town of strategic importance during World War II called Gjirokastër in Albania . Its day to day life comes alive in Kadare's hands with familiar and real small town characters. The Man Booker Prize win and multiple Nobel Prize nominations are quite justified here. Everyday life in the town is the storyline and Kadare manages to make it so interesting! The book was originally translated by Arshi Pipa and there's been some controversies in that regard. Political connotations aside this is a good read.

Q By Evan Mandery

Yup, that is the actual name of the book. The alphabet Q! It really stands for the love of the narrator's life, Quentina Elizabeth Deveril. I sure had to know what it was all about. Very interesting love story where the narrator explains how he didn't marry the love of his life because of an advise from his own future self ! Sounds like science fiction? I agree, but my reservations were blown out the door because of Mandery's straight faced way of telling the events which included frequent time travel. To read is to believe. So go for it and have fun!