Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Red Pyramid & A Movie

I think I told you that my son is totally into Rick Riordan. So I got him the Red Pyramid when it came out. He's been very good about getting all the Riordan books from his school library so far. But the Red Pyramid being home caught my attention on a lazy rainy afternoon and I took it up much to his pleasure. Suffice it to say I finished it off fast. It reads almost like any of the HarryPotter books and even seems to have some themes running in parallel. But the environment is quite different what with Egyptian Gods fighting each other through the centuries and all. I am as you well know is a big time sucker for history. Mythology and ancient legends are so closely intertwined with history that I find those easy to read. A good book and a good author. It may not be as appealing to the adults as the HP books are, but comes close. So take it up if you were eyeing these books and wondering..

The Movie
Finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I  that I'd been promising my son ever since it came out. Now that Christmas holidays are here I thought the 3PM show on a Tuesday cannot be that bad since it's been a few weeks. Much to my surprise the theater was full by the time the movie started. A rarity around here. Even more interesting was the wide spectrum of people who came to watch the movie. From the old Grandpa with the cane to my girl who stubbornly kept her eyes open through most of the scary scenes. I as an adult totally enjoyed the movie. I guess the director got a chance for some character development this time since they are doing the last book in two movies. I loved how the 3 brothers' tale was portrayed in the movie. Very tastefully done. Do watch it with family esp if everyone is a fan of the books. Tangled is next in list for the holidays.


Jay said...

Have you guys seen “Fantastic Mr Fox” yet? I would recommend that. It has some of the usual Wes Anderson quirkiness, but an interesting watch for both adults and kids. I remember you mentioning Dahl’s books elsewhere.
Btw, watched the movie adaptation of “Where the wild things are” last week. I am not sure whether kids would like the movie version, because the characters in it (the wild things) are always sad and depressed. But it is an interesting watch for the fact that a book comprising of just nine sentences was made into a full length movie! I liked it.
(Btw, I never heard of this book during my childhood -seems to be a popular children's book in the US- and got hold of the book only before watching the movie!)

lan said...

yes we'd watched it too and enjoyed it. i'd only heard about 'where the wild things are' through Barak Obama during one of his presidential speeches from the early days! yes i agree that to do a movies from those few pages is something. i knew it was popular here and was amazed at what little there was when we read it. thanks for coming by.