Saturday, September 12, 2015


This link showed up on the google home page recently and I clicked it out of curiosity. It is a well made documentary of real human emotions. Well worth watching. Enjoy!


soulsearchingdays said...

Hi lan, I wanted your advise , my daughter is in 8th std. she would be 14 this Jan, she is a book buff like me, but I am really at a loss now as to which books should she be reading now, I know... I know.. I started reading all kinds by the time I was 15 but when it comes to our kids we all want to be safe .. right? I am wanting to give her books which is not stark and raw something which she can read as per her age. I hope I am not bothering you with this.. she is past Enid blyton, has completed the Harry potter series and is now on to Cecilia Ahern which I do not know whether to approve or not... looking forward to your advise.. I was looking for a mail id where I could email you separately... take care and thanks for taking out time for my long rant...:)

lan said...

Hi ss my 14 year old is a boy but these are some good books good for boys and girls:
gone michael grant - part of required high school reading. seems popular
divergent veronica roth - haven;t read it, but seems to be popular
the faukt in our star jihn green - endearing story, nice book
percy jackson - i like all percy jackson books
to kill a mocking bird - all all time favorite. i hope she will like it.
the book thief - good book
hunger games suzanne collins - lots of violence. once you are immunized, the whole setup is interesting to read.
diary of a wimpy kid - i loved all wimpy kid books and both kids did too.
life of pie - loved it.
all bronte books - i know i know. but she has to read'em
little women - no brainer. must read
Alone on a wide wide sea by Michael Morpurgo - seems to be good. not sure.

I hope she will like at least some of the above. "goodreads" is a good site.
Happy reading. I am so excited about someone else reading. Isn't reading pure joy?